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TJ tune up

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TJ tune up

Postby riverboater » Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:17 pm

So another friend purchased this TJ last year, got a smoking deal dollar wise. After a few sea trials he discovered it would only plane at almost full throttle. Drags it by my place to have a look at the pump. Told me it was a 350 Kodiak 3 stage, One quick look said 2 stage. Pulled the engine and pulled the shaft out of pump to upgrade to a 3 stage. undid 2 of 3 bolts on bearing and the housing fell apart in my hand. Pull housing and toss Kodiak parts in scrap bin, (early Kodiaks had a brittle cast issue that has since been remedied and I thought all the old ones had been changed out) Rummage though the shed and dig up a Hamilton housing, That and a few new parts and it was a three stage. Since it was in the shop and warm buddy decides we should repaint the red as it was ugly. A few parts stripped and others masked and it is a much nicer red and overall better looking boat. Back together and off to the water to test, performance was better but still took about 3450 for a clean plane, a bit high I thought. And our WOT was only 3950 RPM, with the blades and nozzle it should have been 4200. Back to the shop, compression test on engine, 95 to 110 psi. Not good but it was fishing season so next winter. Flash forward to yesterday, go to pull engine for freshen up, lift engine hatch and we have a pool of gas in bilge. Well buddy wants to replace floors and side carped anyway so strip the interior, pull up carped, pull tank, pull engine. Once the tank and floors were pulled it was amazing to find no water pass through to let water run to bilge pump. foam that held tank it was water logged and sealed to the floor blocking all passage. So we drug it off to another friends place and turned loose with the steam cleaner, removed most the glue and melted foam but would not take off high water stains. I figure during the summer rains etc that the boat trapped about 100 gallons under the floor. Drilled many holes with 1-1/4 hole saw and now water runs everywhere. Even the box stringer engine beds held water. What were they thinking?
Now on to the engine, buddy was told it was fresh when he bought the boat. Tor it down and found 30 over pistons with fairly good bores, rings so razor sharp from dust ingest that you could shave with them. Remember folks, SPARK arrestors are not AIR filters. Dusty roads! get an approved spark arrestor filter. When pulling the intake manifold for some reason they drilled the centre holes on vortec heads for the manifold, screwed it up and with incorrect manifold fit managed to run coolant through bearings. Crank is standard and seems ok visually so may get away with it. 3 of the pistons had all the ring gaps lined up, these scratches may need to go 40 over to fix. That and evidence of water sitting had a bit of rust on cylinders, the rust will hone out, groves to be determined. Heads are junk with some idiot having decided to grind the ports, everybody knows if you remove the ski-jump in the vortec port they work better, NOT. That and the extra holes drilled offset and 3 valve rotators laying in valley, ya heads are toast. So a bunch of parts off to machine shop tomorrow and with luck we can get away with rings / bearings / gaskets. I have several good sets of sbc heads on the shelf so with luck it will be a relatively cheap overhaul.
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Re: TJ tune up

Postby viking » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:31 am

WWTT (what were they thinking).
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Re: TJ tune up

Postby lovetheedge » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:32 am

Poor guy who bough this, like the saying goes you never know what you are getting when you buy someone else's boat, always a good idea to have a mechanic look it over prior to purchase. Boat looks good on outside. After you get done he should have a good boat. Some tune-up.
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