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"The World of Jet Boat River Racing" Production

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"The World of Jet Boat River Racing" Production

Postby SalmonRiverJBRacing » Fri Mar 03, 2017 8:23 am


We are seeking help from past and present racers for sponsorship and racing history. Do you have a story that would be of interest to jet boat racers? Please contact the producers ASAP to be included in this book. See the bottom of the letter for contact information.

Hello Racers,
If you have ever been a part of this sport and would like to include your information in a historical book, please read the attached document and respond quickly as the production team would like to make the books available at the Salmon River Jet Boat race this April. The team is in desperate need of racer information and photos from the 1980's and "B" Class boats. If you can contribute, please send a message and information to the email or mailing address included in the letter below.

Attention: All Jet Boat River Racers!

All past and present jet boat river racers from Canada, USA, New Zealand, and Mexico are to be included in a new full-color, soft cover book entitled, “The World of Jet Boat River Racing,” the racers and their history.

We are currently collecting information from past race programs that will be used in this book. Anyone who wishes to update their bios, and pick one navigator to be listed, please write or call Marlene and Frank Mignerey at 208-628-3743, or email Angie at Gradient Shift.

Any individual or family who would like to be a sponsor and receive five (5) complimentary books, plus an entire history page can contribute $300 to the production of the book. Please contact the number listed above as soon as possible. If you have an interesting historical image that you feel could benefit this project, feel free to send it to us for consideration.

We plan to have the race book available for the 33rd Annual Salmon River Jet Boat Race, April 14-16, 2017. The books will be available to purchase at all of the official jet boat races. Part of the proceeds will be donated to each race event. We are excited about this project and we look forward to your participation.


Frank & Marlene Mignerey – 208-628-3743
Frank’s Photos & Videos
PO Box 287, Riggins, ID 83549
Or—email to:
Gradient Shift Phone# 208-628-3221

P.S. Please use our form on the next page to contribute your information to the book.

Racer Information – Please print neatly or type out this form.

Please email this page to: gradientshiftgraphics@gmail.com OR—
Write to Frank’s Photos, PO Box 287, Riggins, ID 83549
Phone: 208-628-3743

Boat# _______________

Boat Name: _______________________________

Class: _____________________

Boat Captain: ________________________________

Boat Navigator: (choose only one) _________________________

State or Province of residence ___________________________________

If possible, send a quality photo of your boat, but not required.

List of boats.jpg

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