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Wrap Around Bench Seating, Sun Deck; North River Commander

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Wrap Around Bench Seating, Sun Deck; North River Commander

Postby bing_bong » Thu Feb 15, 2018 4:46 pm

Hey fellas,

I recently bought a 2007 NR Commander after shopping for quite a while. NR used to offer an option when you bought new called AWS, it was removable wrap-around couch seating installed just in front of the dog house and rear sun deck built to the sides and back of, while incorporating, the dog house. NR will no longer will do this work and I am trying to find someone who will. I'm just north of Seattle, and local is handy but I would be willing to drive a few hundred miles to drop it off for the work if I found someone in OR or ID. I found pics of this option on this forum and have read a few users have Commanders with the seating and deck, but those users have not been active in a few years from what I can tell

If you know of a shop you would recommend, I would sure appreciate your feedback. I had reached out to Haxton's per dialog found on this forum but their response was lazy and disinterested.

If you have this system in your Commander, I would really appreciate any pics you could offer. Especially the under-side or how the parts come out and go together. This would help a great deal in describing what I want with potential builders.

Thanks in advance,
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