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Need advice for livewell pickup for transom fish box

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Need advice for livewell pickup for transom fish box

Postby brownbagginit » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:46 pm

Cheers guys - I've got a built-in livewell / fish box on the transom of my boat and am looking for some advice on how to hook it up. It's a 2010 Thunderjet Alexis and the fish box is welded in and integral to the transom. There's a threaded hole in the bottom corner that's hard plumbed to the outside of the transom with a threaded hole above the waterline. I have two questions:

1) How and what do I use to plumb down the back of the transom? I'm picturing a threaded pvc elbow and a length of pvc pipe. How far down should it go? Just below the waterline when the boat is stopped or all the way down below the bottom so it would pick up water when underway? And is there a special pickup I should be using?

2) I assume the threaded hole in the bottom of the box is there to thread a pump into directly, but there aren't any holes for wires to go through. Should I just drill a hole on the side as close to the top as I can get and use sealing gland of some sort for the pump wires?

Any advice or ideas would be great. Thanks in advance!
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Re: Need advice for livewell pickup for transom fish box

Postby lovetheedge » Wed Nov 07, 2018 5:54 pm

They have pumps and switches for live fish wells. The switch should allow for both intermediate and constant water flow. It should be placed where there is easy access to it up against a bulkhead. I would not be using pvc pipe but a rubber hose instead. There is lots of vibrating happening on a boat and the glued pieces will not hold up over time. The water should be drawn from near the bottom of the transom where it will always have access to water. The pump would go in between the place the water is drawn and into the live well. At near the top of live well there should be a hole where the water can drained when water is pumped into the well. The pump can be stationed near the engine compartment where it will have access to power. You will want a drain hole at the bottom of the live well. I like the water coming into the tank from above the water, it helps add air bubbles to the water.
Since there is a live well already there I find it hard to believe many of these things are not in place already.
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