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Kem 6.2 LSA and Indmar 575 SC raptor

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Kem 6.2 LSA and Indmar 575 SC raptor

Postby Eagle1 » Sat Jun 16, 2018 12:25 am

Any one have good fuel burn rates on both with a Hamilton 241?

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Re: Kem 6.2 LSA and Indmar 575 SC raptor

Postby chariotdriver » Sat Jun 16, 2018 3:54 pm

Don't have numbers for both, but...….

Good LSA #'s can be found on the KEM website where they compare the DI with the LSA spinning a 3.4 impeller. Running a 4.0 will burn about 1gph more on the curve based on 400hrs of personal use plus the 4.0 only tops out at 4450rpm/42gph. Top speed 51mph = 1.2mpg.

Weight is a large factor. It will plane at 2750rpm/17mph with 2 people, 50gal fuel and some gear. Pretty nose high; great for going down rapids with good steering authority. The sweet spot is around 3000 plus or minus leaving lots of headroom (well over 1000rpm) to get out of tight spots.

Using MPG (preferred) it ranges from 1.6mpg (going upstream on the salmon river at 50K) up to 2.8mpg (50 mile run each way on Lake Chelan).

Guessing the Raptor numbers are a little better with 5X the warranty plus those cool lights :)
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