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New Sport Jet Owner

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New Sport Jet Owner

Postby coossalmon » Mon Jan 13, 2020 12:34 pm

We just purchased a 19' NR Sportster with the 175SJ. This is our first SJ so I have been reading as much as possible on potential issues and problems. The motor only has 55 hours on it and I had it inspected by Marks Mercs in Salem Oregon and everything checked out great. My question is regarding reed valves. Seems like this is a problem area and I am wondering if we should just go ahead and bite the bullet and replace them with the fiber ones even though they are just fine. What are your thoughts? If we do change them it sounds like most go with the Boyesen?
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Re: New Sport Jet Owner

Postby bajh » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:40 pm

Best thing you can do for the 175 is diconnect your oil inj and premix your oil. I lost a 175hp due to the nylon gear on the oil drive gear stripping. Also bought one for parts that suffered the same fate. A low hour engine like yours that is probably 15 years old might be prone to the gear gumming up and stripping. Easy to remove big time reliability improvement. There is other brands of reeds that are good or some think are better Tony Ducacas and Chris Carlson come to mind. I rum the TDR.s in my 240. Do not expect much of a performance gain from reeds your main benefit is getting away from the metal ones that can break and mess up your cylinders.
Go to a web site called Scream and Fly tech section 2.5 l Mercs Tons of info on everything including oil dissconect and reed valves.
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Re: New Sport Jet Owner

Postby disker » Fri Apr 24, 2020 8:26 am

I have a 250SJ and around 75 hours started wondering about the reed valves ---- so I took it apart for a look. Sure enough, a couple of the reeds were chipped off. Sent the valve plate down to Chris Carlson and he set it up with the fiber / composit reed valves. Could not tell much difference in performance--- but hopefully will prevent problems with the old steel reeds.
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