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2020 ford f-350 gasser

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Re: 2020 ford f-350 gasser

Postby Benny » Thu Feb 13, 2020 8:18 pm

Riverjohn wrote:
Benny wrote:
Eagle1 wrote:48 gal tank, it runs on pump gas. Empty truck13-15, my vans get 10 everyday. Fuel is $2.60 a gallon and i don't have to spend $160 for filters and oil. I get a new truck with trade for $34,000.00

WOW, I never thought I would hear Eagle 1 sing this tune. I thought he was hard core diesel everything.
Old dogs can learn new tricks! LOL

I think in this case the "Old Dog" has gone Senile :o :Drink:

Thinking just a little confused on what power plant goes where? LOL
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