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A few ideas

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A few ideas

Postby heyjpark » Wed Aug 15, 2012 8:12 pm

So, I haven't though these out completely yet, but I've cogitated a few ideas:

* How about a forum for people looking for rides or who have rides to offer. iFish does something similar with a section for boat captains who have extra space for fishermen on their boat.

*Or, in lieu of that, how about a forum for people looking to "meet up" or get together. The problem I have is that if I'm heading into Hells Canyon for the weekend, do I post in Washington (since I launch at Hellers), Oregon, or Idaho?

*Furthering the idea along, how about more specific regional forums. For instance, in the Idaho forum, there are two (more?) distinct sub groups: the LC valley people and the Treasure Valley people. No offense, but I don't necessarily always care about whats going on at Walter's Ferry (for instance). Boise area people might not necessarily be interested in the boat Christmas parade.

*Maybe, instead of the above ideas, we have river forums. For example, we could have Payette, Snake, Clearwater,Rogue, etc.

P.S. I love the forum, and I appreciate it...don't want to come across as griping. Just trying to come up with a few ideas for some "snags" I've ran into.

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