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Changing my plan, coyote calling

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Changing my plan, coyote calling

Postby d4570 » Sat Jul 07, 2018 8:15 am

I had read that using real fur for a decoy rather then a picture .

I have been having a dry spell getting the coyotes to come in under 500 yards. I have been using a fox pelt over our fox pro for quite some time with diminishing effect.
Today I went out to our old river brakes area to do some early morning calling. I got out there shortly after sun up.
Very first place I got on to BLM land I hid the truck and made a set. Bang had 4 coyotes pop up over a ridge at like 800 yards. They charged in to around 500 and stopped and set down. I messed with them for an hour and, they never made a move and I let a hail marry shot go and ran them off...I had the fox skin as normal.
Next spot I left it in the truck ,and used Kugo, the Montana coyote decoy .
Bang same thing , 3 coyotes popped up and started in.
But this time they kept coming. That is till the got distracted probably by a mouse or something. I could see they where pups, when they lost a little interest I would hit a coyote howl and get them back on tract. It took a long time but they got in to my comfort zone. I barked to stop them, but the just kept milling around and would not stand still, soon they got "Under" me and I could not see them. One gave me a shot at about 150 and I took it.


You would think it would be easy to find, Nope tall grass and grand stands of sage made it difficult .
The next 3 set where the same multiple pups coming in in there good old time. They all slipped in but would give me a shot.



AND only one of these

Just a bull snake

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