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Riverboat Show and Shine

Riverboat Show and Shine

Postby Elvis1 » Fri May 25, 2018 8:35 am

Hi Everyone,
The West Central Riverboat Association will be hosting a riverboat show and shine at the Drayton Valley Canadian parking lot next Saturday...June 2nd..11:00Am to 3:00 . bring your boats, meet some people, sell some boat parts, sell some boats..tell some lies, you no, the usual stuff jet boaters do when they get together...lol, your boat don't have to be shiney, dents and scrapes make for way better stories than aluminum polish....no entry fee for participants and on-lookers but a donation to the local food bank would be appreciated. There will be a bit of a concession and maybe a draw or two.
The launch at The Willie West campsite is only 10 min away so lots of time afterward for a afternoon cruise on the North Sask.
See you all there.
NOTE...If its raining the event will be canceled
Thanks :Power:
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