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2002 seadoo gtx di

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2002 seadoo gtx di

Postby Northalbertan » Mon Jan 06, 2020 2:18 pm

hey has anyone ever used this ski as a donor for a 12ft mini .
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Re: 2002 seadoo gtx di

Postby SkinnyH2O » Sat Jan 11, 2020 12:14 am

Here is my opinion on the 951 DI fwiw. Great power for a 12’ with 1/2” Uhmw, but not really any different then the 951 carb, that is what I run in my 12’. I used a 951 DI for my original motor, I rebuilt the top end on my donor and could not get it past idle/limp mode because the tps was tripped, went to the dealer 3 times to diagnose and clear the code, unless you buy a candoo tool and want to spend way more time than it’s worth to fix it I would steer clear. The only advantages Over the 951 carb are smoother throttle - I run mine rich and it is very responsive, slightly better mpg- negligible, faster start-never a problem, and a learner/beginner DESS key that limits the hp/mph for learning drivers - I think this is pretty cool but not worth all of the other hassle. Parts are also cheaper and easier to find for the carb. They are also notoriously unreliable/prone to failure. The carb version gets a bad enough rap as it is as being one of the most failure-prone Seadoo engines, the DI is apparently even worse. I have found my 951 carb to be very reliable, but you have to make sure your carbs are tuned well or you’ll have problems quicker than most skis. I still have a bunch of old DI parts, even a good MPEM if u end up trying it, lmk.
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