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Intake fin questions

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Intake fin questions

Postby Riverplayer » Sat Aug 31, 2019 2:45 pm

Hey folks, my first year with my 16 ft center console Lowe (non tunnel)with etec 60/40. My jet foot came with the threaded rods and cavitation fins which i smashed one up and had to heat and un bend the threaded grate rod back. Just for the hell of it i took both fins off and ran a local river with just bolts and spacers installed. No fins. Zero cavitation even in sharp corners. I saw no performance issues. I gained 3 mph speed and greater trim span before pump began pulling air. Clearly i have nothing to gain with the fins. Major question is do i need to keep the nylock nuts and spacers installed to keep this style pin from working itself out? I would love to just cut the pins off flush. With nuts and spacers off i can hit the end hard with a hammer and they dont budge. Or should i try to drill and tap the rods out and replace with new flush rods with the end bumps? Thank you. Newbie loves his new jet!
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Re: Intake fin questions

Postby Susitna907 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 8:37 pm

Those fins don't typically come with a jet foot. They're an additional aftermarket item. Therefore (unless I'm mistaken here, others please chime in) the rods have been pounded out and replaced with the longer threaded ones for the fins. I'd think that the tolerance of that hole is compromised/loosened a little. I wouldn't chance it, keep the nyloc's on there. With vibration, impacts, pressure, or whatever, you DO NOT want to have the rod start moving out and start losing fins. If it doesn't hurt the performance, I say leave it.
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Re: Intake fin questions

Postby steelheadfreak » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:53 am

I wouldn't run without them personally. They do channel water to the pump but they also help with steering and stabilization of a "greasy" boat. I didn't have them on my small 25HP jet and never noticed either. I think they come into play with bigger outboards that really need a lot of water fed to them.
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