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Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

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Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

Postby rln » Fri Feb 08, 2019 8:19 pm

Looking at purchasing a new factory jet to replace a 1990 100hp mercury with a jet on it. This motor weighs 326lbs with a prop so I need to factory in the weight of the jet pump. The boat I have it on goes ok , not a rocket ship but enough power to move 3 guys and gear.
The options I am considering are either a new Mercury 115/80 or an Etec 90/60.
With the Mercury weighing around 380lbs and the Etec around 322lbs it’s a toss up on which one to go for.

I am now looking for opinions since I doubt I can get a shop to let me try the motor on the boat first.

Also anyone have any insight on why the Mercury 90 is rated at 65 hp with the pump on it vs the Etec 90 being rated at only 60hp with a pump on it.
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Re: Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

Postby MT sauger skiff » Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:20 pm

Shouldn't be a toss-up.

Why is the E-tec a 90/60? It's a factory packaged unit based on their low displacemnet 3 cylinder and by the time it spins the impeller that is what you get. To their credit, they acknowledge it. They do make a 90 H.O. that is a V4 but you'd have to buy a pump with it.
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Re: Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

Postby amxerhull » Sun Feb 10, 2019 9:39 am

I run a Merc 115/80 on a custom built (light) 16 foot boat. It has more power than I need. My fishing partner has a similar Etec on an 18 foot Woolridge. I think his boat performs exceptionally well but he wants a little more power. Friends on shore say my motor is noisier than his but I don't notice that while I'm running the tiller. His motor would not start one morning and he found that when it was serviced, the dealer did not "burp" the oil pump system. This was corrected and he has had no other problems. Both motors are good performers.
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Re: Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

Postby mitch184 » Sun Feb 10, 2019 10:08 am

Merc makes a really good four stroke these days. I’ve always been a 2 stroke guy but if you can take the weight hit that merc 115/80 is a sweet motor.

The only time I would consider that etec over it was if you needed to run and float as shallow as possible.
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Re: Merc 115/80 vs etc 90/60

Postby steelheadfreak » Mon Feb 11, 2019 11:32 am

So. I have a 2017 Merc 115/80 on an Alaskan XL 17'...…..My buddy has a 2017 90/60 Etec on a 16' Koffler

My boat is almost 2 feet longer and 300lbs heavier. I also have a 16' wider bottom. We raced of course. Lets put it this way. Although he had the faster hull being narrower, and our launce speed was neck and neck, once on plane, I blew him away. No replacement for displacement. That said, he packs 3 guys and gear around no problem. The etac is a great motor. However, add more weight and it will be noticed. I normally pack 2 people and gear and the Merc is awesome. Crazy fuel mileage. On my boat however, if I was going to pack 3 guys around or more all the time, I would have went 150/105. I guess it all depends on the weight of your boat if the Etec 90/60 would be the right boat. I would say if its anything over 700-900lbs, go 115/80.
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