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The Scott's

The Scott's

Postby rockchuckar » Mon May 18, 2020 8:59 am

This was sent to my by my friend Konrad Scott . He asked me to post it here for him .

The Scott’s
People often ask: Where are Konrad and Lyn Scott, founders of Scott WaterJet?

Konrad & Lyn sold Scott WaterJet to us (Gary and Yvette McManaway) in 2016 at which time we took majority ownership and control of all aspects of the company’s operation.

Both Konrad and Lyn remained employed in transitional roles at that time, but both left Scott WaterJet permanently last year and have not been involved since.

Lyn leaving in early August 2019 from her position in the office. She is now really enjoying her new part-time community help and administration role.

Konrad left mid-September 2019 from his part-time R&D role. He is now retired and really enjoying his new freedom which gives him much more time to spend pursuing his other interests.

Konrad and Lyn keep in touch with the many friends they made worldwide during their long involvement with the marine industry. However, they are very private people and now that they have permanently stepped away, we ask people to respect their privacy and address any inquiries about Scott WaterJet directly to Scott WaterJet.

Kind Regards

Gary McManaway


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