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Postby Snake River » Wed Nov 07, 2018 1:10 pm

Bringing a new product to a new market is always difficult, especially when the manufacture wants their product to perform at it's best both mechanically as well as technically. To bring this product to our industry we needed to develop a package that would work within the technical parameters of the Rotax engine. While there are companies out there who produce a 6 inch pump they will not bolt up to the Rotax engine without a huge amount fabrication to do so. Not only would this be an issue, but these companies do not currently have the engineering to deal with the higher RPMs that the Rotax engine performs at. These engines operate in the 7000 to 8000 RPM range. If the load created by the impeller is not correct it can be detrimental to the engine not only in performance but also longevity. Cost is another major issue that needs to be taken into account, current pricing levels of other companies pumps would add 30 to 50% more expense to our package. Finally weight is always an issue when it comes to our industry, and the other 6 inch pumps that are out there weigh considerably more that the one that BRP Rotax is currently producing. Pacific powertrain has worked on or is currently working on ways to help protect the pump from damage. Our grate has 3/8 inch spacing between the bars to restrict the size of the debris that can enter the pump, we were able to accomplish this by increasing the overall size of the inlet dimensions to insure that we would not restrict the water flow to the pump. We have worked and are continuing to work with BRP Rotax to develop heavy duty stainless steel impellers, and optional stainless steel wear rings to further limit pump damage. We will continue to use our relationship with BRP Rotax, our extensive experience in the aluminum boat industry, as well as the feedback from our OEM customers to bring the best product that we can to our industry.

We do have a workable suction and have used it successfully in several boats. The problem that we are now dealing with is the closing of the foundry that was contracted to cast our suction housings. PPI had been looking at other alternatives for the casting of our suction anyway, so we already had engineer designs in the wings. While this has caused us some delay it will be minimal. We are now and have been working with Travis foundry; who casts all of AT's stuff; to cast our suction. We have had to move from a foam casting process to a sand cast process, and we should be able to start shipping these suctions in the very near future.
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