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BEST nozzle / bucket

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BEST nozzle / bucket

Postby Gunny23 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 12:05 am

Recently bought our first jet boat. 1995 Hewescraft River Runner 21. Redline 350 Chevy with what appears to be a SD-309. It has a BEST MFG nozzle/bucket assembly. I noticed the upper pivot pin set screw looked different than what is shown in drawings and different than lower screw... wider head and smaller allen hex. I ordered the correct screw and went to replace it... as I took out the stranger... it stripped all the threads with it. No anti-seize present on the threaded area. What are my options? Weld up the hole, drill and tap back to 5/16 x 18?

Tiller arm is above and attached to the same pivot... so I see this as critical for steering... am I correct?

I guess I should go ahead and replace all the bushings while I have it apart too...

Any sources for a replacement nozzle? I've searched BEST MFG over and over... not finding much of anything out there.

Any and all assistance is GREATLY appreciated.
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Re: BEST nozzle / bucket

Postby akhunter67 » Thu Sep 06, 2018 5:12 pm

Look at the pins for wear also and if I remember rt there is a teflon oring on the nozzle. Make sure tiller arm isnt loose on the keyway. Make sure if you change the steering cable you run it as high in the gunnel as possible and keep sharp turns out of it as much as possible. It you change the helmet I would use flotek 3/4 turn lock to lock! Best of luck and keep asking questions!
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